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Cima Scientific is a United States based manufacturer and supplier of Clinical Laboratory Instrumentation, Diagnostic Test Kits and Supplies.

Cima Scientific delivers superior value to our customers through our integrated medical product solutions and by focusing on our two main philosophies: 1.)  To create special relationships with our customers and 2.)  To deliver quality products at discount prices. 

Special projects and custom product sourcing for standing orders are our specialty.

Distribution Opportunities ...

          Product families 

Lab-Tec Chemistry Analyzer
system with software

    Lab-Tec Jr.
Chemistry analyzer for low-volume

Labrs.jpg (3012 bytes) ELISA Instruments
Lab-Reader, Lab-Reader Jr., and

quickslides.jpg (3445 bytes)    Quick Slide
Semi-automated hemotology slide

drops.jpg (3919 bytes)    Blood Bank Reagents
Blood typing/grouping reagents

paperss.jpg (3791 bytes)    Medical Papers
High quality medical instrument

unicos.jpg (2585 bytes)    Unico Products
Microscopes and instrumentation


   New Product Coming Soon

certs.jpg (3517 bytes)    Certified Diagnostics
Microplate assays & quick tests

uro.jpg    Cima Urology Products
Results in less than 5 minutes.
glos.jpg (3522 bytes)    Globe Scientific

Bayer-Technicon and Hitachi parts

Hemocron coagulation instruments
and supplies

meridians.jpg (3758 bytes)  Meridian Diagnostics
Serology, Virology, Microbiology,
Gastroenterology Products

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