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   Lab-Reader- Fully automatic Microplate reader with bichromatic optics. On board data reduction calculations include regressions, curve fitting and cutoff absorbance calculations with step-by-step user prompting.   #LR2100

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Lab-Reader Jr. – ELISA strip Reader for single strips or break-away format. On board software calculates single & multi-point calibration curves, regressions, & a variety of cutoff options.  #LRJ303

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Lab-Incubator/Shaker - Incubator, Shaker holds two 96 well microplates. Digitally controlled 8-speed shaker with orbital mixing form 575 to 1500 rpm. Temperature adjustable from ambient to 40 Celsius with resolution of 0.1 C. Digital timer controls shaking or can be operated independently as a timer. #LIS2200

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PSA, Free T4, HSV, Chagas and Dengue assays available in ELISA Microplate format.

Troponin, Rotavirus, Chagas and Dengue available in rapid test format.

Dropper bottle system offers the technician the ability to dispense 50ul without a pipetter. It also helps maintain consistency in testing technique between different laboratory personnel.

Break-away microwell strips format is convenient and cost effective for the small laboratory as well as research centers performing enzyme immunoassay studies in-vitro.

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