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International Customer Service

Is Your Shipment Going Outside the United States?
If your Eagle Diagnostics product is to be used outside the United States whether you are a U.S. based trading company, a multinational corporation with shipping points all over the world, or an individual wishing to send an Eagle Diagnostics product overseas, you are considered an international customer. As such, you qualify for a wide range of free services, all of which have been designed to expedite your shipments in the most reliable and efficient means possible,

Worldwide Sales and Service Network
If your are calling from outside the United States, call 972-293-1615 to reach Cima Scientific; the International Department for Eagle Diagnostics. Representatives are located throughout the world to sell, service, and replenish Eagle Diagnostics products. Contact Eagle Diagnostics for the representative nearest your location.

Rapid Quotation Service
When Eagle Diagnostics receives a request for a quotation, we respond quickly-often within 24 hours of your request. Simply tell us the catalog number and the quantity of the product you need, and we will mail or fax a Pro Forma invoice - complete with your price, the terms and conditions of the sale, and a freight estimate (if required) based on documentation needs and shipping preferences.

Product Inquires and Order Placement
You may also choose to place your order through one of Eagle Diagnostic's authorized dealers, distributors, or technical representatives located throughout the world. For the name of the Eagle Diagnostics dealer nearest you, you may contact us through this web site.

Terms of Payment
Eagle Diagnostics offers many payment methods to international customers, including:

1. Open an account. If you anticipate a long-term relationship with Eagle Diagnostics, we invite you to supply the references and financial statements necessary to establish an open account.

2. Credit card. For your convenience, we accept VISA and Master Card.

3. Advance payment. Your order will be immediately released for shipment if you pay by cashier's check or wire transfer to our bank.

5. Letters of credit. Eagle Diagnostics has a streamlined system of guidelines to speed processing of international letters of credit.

Be sure to request the "Letter of Credit Instructions" before contacting your bank.

Ask your Eagle Diagnostics representative for assistance in setting up the best method of payment for your circumstances.

Avoid paying unnecessary taxes and surcharges. Orders destined for export are not usually charged U.S., state or local taxes when routed through the International Department. Resale certificates or proof of export and destination may be required.

Shipping and Transportation
Among the services Eagle Diagnostics provides at no extra charge to customers taking delivery at an international location are:

* Custom Packaging. Your shipments, some of which are regulated as hazardous, are expertly packaged in custom fiberboard containers for safe transport via ocean or air. Wooden crating is available at an additional charge.

* Compliance Documents. All labeling and documentation required to comply with current import/export regulations for the transport of dangerous goods are routinely provided.

*Forwarder and Carrier Selection. U.S. and international regulations mandate the use of only those forwarders, carriers and brokers who can move shopments in total compliance. Customers who are planning to use an forwarder, carrier or broker should first check with Eagle Diagnostics to assure that the right to refuse to tender shipment to forwarders, carriers or brokers
who are unapproved.

Tracking and Claims
We take extreme care to fill and package your orders properly. If errors or damages do occur, file a report with your carrier immediately and contact the International Department at Eagle Diagnostics within two weeks of date of shipment.



-  PO # 1237  -  De Soto, TX 75123  -  T: 972.283.1615  -  F: 972.293.1605  -